A villa surrounded by nature

Ville Ander are located in a strategic position of renowned beauty, not far from the lake shore and the town of Moniga del Garda.
The location is unique and offers extraordinary views, where the moraine hills frame the enchanting charm of Lake Garda, giving a sense of peace and serenity.
Ville Ander are just a few minutes from the toll booth of the A4 motorway, the Verona-Brescia ring road and the most interesting tourist centers and citizens.

Quality and reliability

Ville Ander have a unique design and are designed with quality materials, innovative in their functions and environmentally friendly. The techniques used and the modern processes have made it possible to obtain the maximum in terms of safety and reliability.
The villas are comfortable and modern, and offer a new experience of living the house. The wide spaces, the perfect management of access and luxury comforts are just some of the strengths of these beautiful villas, where every desire can become reality.

Sartorial building

Each Villa has its own charm and its peculiarity but, if you wish to make changes to the proposed project or create a different Villa, our team of professionals and technicians will be at your disposal to listen to your requests and to understand your needs, so you can make the home of your dreams.
We are available to provide detailed and personalized technical advice, in so as to make Ville Ander truly unique and tailored, like a special dress tailored designed based on the needs of each.